FileType Name Last modified Size Description
[ ] TabeoUserGuide_v4.pdf 23-Oct-2012 12:19 759K User Manual version4, first release.
[ ] 24-Oct-2012 10:03 128M Firmware Update v1018

This update is only necessary if battery/sound issues exist. Otherwise, you are already running the latest firmware version. Do not unzip this file, place your download directly on the tabeo USB storage drive.

Video: Install FW Update
[ ] 26-Dec-2012 11:14 727M 53 Preloaded 3rd-party apps from factory default system.

Only necessary if tablet is 'factory reset'. Otherwise, this package is already on your tabeo, and can be installed using the 'startup wizard'
Video: Startup Wizard.

This file requires unzipping. IF your PC does not have a zip file manager, 7-zip seems favored by other users.

Video: installing 3rd party apps package

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