The following downloads are only for tabeo e2, installing a firmware update for e2 on a first-generation tabeo will irreparably break your tablet. If you have any questions, please call support and we will be glad to walk through the upgrade process with you.


FileType Name Last modified Size Description
[ ] e2-startup-guide.pdf 27-Oct-2013 3.1 MB Startup Guide
[ ] 03-Oct-2013 865 MB e2 App Recovery

For recovering the 29 factory default applications, including Tabeo Support. This download will take a little while, it will be fastest to download with a desktop PC on an ethernet wired connection.

ZIP files require another application to 'unzip' them. Desktops can use 7zip, android devices can install AndroZip

If you must install directly from the tabeo, follow these instructions

[ ] 03-Oct-2013 20 MB Recover the 16 stock wallpaper images.

[ ] 03-Oct-2013 24 MB e2 Recover the 12 songs that came with the original install.

[ ] 14-Nov-2013 184.37 MiB e2 Firmware update package, build 2.0.86 . Please call support if you need help with the update process. Incorrectly installing this file can brick your device and void warranty. md5sum c96a1921429beb2c80ece028bc66dc3e

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