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The following steps will guide you through how to reinstall the 50 preloaded applications.

All instructions and screenshots use Internet Explorer 9, and Windows 7.

Reinstall Apps 1.png

On a computer you will need to go to and locate the "" file.

Reinstall Apps 2.png

Right-click on the "" file and select "Save target as...".

Reinstall Apps 3.png

A dialog window will pop up to select where to save the file to. The default location should be fine.
NOTE: The default location for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 is the "Downloads" folder. For Windows XP, the default save location is "My Downloads", located in the "My Documents" folder.

Screenshot 2012-10-24-12-07-26.png

You will then need to connect the Tabeo tablet to your PC and select the "Turn on USB storage" option on the screen once it comes up.

For the follow steps, please ensure you have downloaded a program such as WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRAR, etc.) to unzip the file that was just downloaded. WinRAR is used in this walkthrough.

Reinstall Apps 7.png

You will now want to open "Computer" and click on the "Downloads" folder (located along the left hand column). Locate the "" and right-click on it. Highlight WinRAR, then select "Extract Here".

Reinstall Apps 8.png

You will now want to right-click on the "system" folder that you now have available and select "Copy".

Update Tabeo 9.png

You will then want to select the "TABEO" along the left hand column and right-click anywhere in the white space in the window and select "Paste".

The file path should looks like this TABEO-> system -> APK -> list of all of the applications' APK files and their TXT files.

On the Tabeo, please select "Turn off USB storage".

Firmware Update 3.jpg

You will now need to go into Settings inline and go down to "About tablet" and select "start wizard". You will then need to tap on the "Home" button. This will take you through the Startup Wizard again. When you reach the 3rd party installation screen, please ensure you select "Install".

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