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Latest Version: 1.58

MPF Setup 1.jpg

You will need to begin by selecting the "Active parental controls" button.

MPF Setup 2.jpg

The first page you will see will ask for the log-in credentials you wish to use for the administrator (parent) account.

MPF Setup 3.jpg

The next page will ask a little bit of information about the parent/administrator.

MPF Setup 4.jpg

The last step is your child's name and birth date. Click "Confirm" once this information has been filled in and the parental controls are now configured and active on your Tabeo.

Application Icon

The Mobile Parental Filter application icon.

MPF Interface 1.jpg

After activating and setting up the MPF application, this is the screen you will see each time you launch the application to make adjustments.

MPF Interface 2.jpg

The first tab is the "Forbidden categories" tab. This is where you decide whether certain content online such as "Online Games", "Profanity", etc. are allowed to be accessed.

MPF Interface 3.jpg

The second tab is the "Forbidden languages" tab. This is where you can select which languages are allowed for viewing through the web browser.
inline = disabled/forbidden language
= enabled/allowed language

MPF Interface 4.jpg

The third tab is the "Allowed sites" tab. This is the tab for the "exception(s) to the rules". For example, you have the parental controls locked down pretty strict, however, you wish to allow your child to visit YouTube, this is the tab you would input that site.

MPF Interface 5.jpg

The fourth tab is the "Blocked sites" tab. Similar to the "Allowed sites" tab, this is the tab for blocking specific sites from being accessed.

MPF Interface 6.jpg

The fifth and final tab is the "Forbidden time slots" tab. This is the tab where you can decide what day(s) and time(s) your child is allowed, or not allowed to use the internet.

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